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11 November 2018 @ 04:38 pm
 comment to be added :)
BURBERRYSUN: a first year college student studying to be a nurse. loves just about everything :D especially: fashion, art. history, soy chai tea lattes. walking around the city. driving around at night. shopping. reading. taking really pretty yet totally irrelevant pictures. painting. magazines. lounging around barnes and noble for no real reason. learning. volunteering. being with my friends and family. traveling. etc etc etc etc.

FANDOMS: TELEVISION: the office. modern family. it's always sunny in philadelphia. glee, ninja warrior. 30 rock. friends. that 70's show. anything on the history channel. keeping up with the kardashians. girls next door. MUSIC: red hot chli peppers. aerosmith. warrant. rilo kiley. christina aguilera. kelly clarkson. katy perry. three days grace. shinedown. lady antebellum. lady gaga. missy elliot. ying yang twins. pitbul. MOVIES: inglorious basterds. the breakfast club. sherlock holmes. the dark knight. pulp fiction. legally blonde. BOOKS: memoirs of a geisha. joy luck club. a thousand splendid suns. the kite runner. great expectations. the illiad. freakonomics. anything by john grisham. gossip girl series. sisterhood of the traveling pants series;
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25 April 2010 @ 01:16 pm
Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (unless the first line reveals the song title) from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (House rule: Skip instrumentals and most Japanese/Korean songs xD)
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and song title correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google is cheating!

1. When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band welcome to the black parade by mcr; hoosier88 
2. I probably shouldn't say this, but at times I get so scared when I think about the previous relationship we shared 7 things by miley cyrus; ambiguousreason  & sonni89 
3. Woke up from my sleep to the sound of that voice, from the words that I heard I had no choice will I ever make it home by ingram hill; hoosier88 
4. I'm not one for love songs, the way I'm living makes you feel like giving up but you dont and I want everything for you the world has it's shine by cobra starship; hoosier88 
5. Shortie crunk, so fresh, so clean, can she fuck that question been harrassing me get low by lil john; ambiguousreason 
6. I know when he's been on your mind, that distant look is in your eyes all or nothing by o-town; borderlineamaze 
7. Lead to the river, midsummer I wave, a v of black swans on with hopes to the grave
8. Everybodys always talking at me, everybodys tryin to get in my head, I want to listen to my own heart talking bet on it (hsm) by zac efron; cherryfruit & everyforever 
9. Some things you do make me really mad I must confess, the way the streetlight silhouettes your thighs inside your dress
10. You just walk in, I make you smile, it's cool but you don't even know me Stop - Spice Girls; cherrim 
11. I wanna be the very best, like no ones ever was Pokemon theme song; cherrim  (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE GET THIS)
12. One more god damn day when I know what I want, and my want will be considered tonight (fun fact, the guy I like has this as my ringtone on his phone)
14. Gettin on in the state of mississippi, pappa was a copper and momma was a hippie dani california by rhcp; janelleinthesky 
15. Sweet Suzy Q, she was a rebel, no angel wings, more like the devil devil's got a new disguise by aerosmith; roryappletarts 
16 .Do you recall it's name, and it's suggested beck and call (I don't think anyone will get this haha)
17. Remember all the things we wanted, now all the memories they're haunted, we were always meant to say goodbye already gone by kelly clarkson; hoosier88 
18. Lock eyes from across the room, down my drink while the rythms boom jizz in my pants by the lonely island; janelleinthesky 
19.You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes, yeah you pms like a bitch I would know hot n cold by katy perry; hoosier88 
20. The moon was shining on the lake that night, your slayer tshirt fit the seam just right
21. Swaying room as the music starts, strangers makin the most of the dark, 2 by 2 their bodies become one  crazy for you by madonna; ambiguousreason 
22. Now that you're out of my life i'm so much better, you thought i'd be weak without you but i'm stronger survivor by destinys child; hoosier88 
23. It's not as if new york city burned to the ground when you drove away breakin' up by rilo kiley; breyzyyin 
24. In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man good times bad times by led zeppelin; janelleinthesky 
25. Well she was an american girl, raised on promises, she couldn't help thinking there was a little more to life somewhere else american girl by tom petty; hoosier88 

I have a diverse selection haha ;) HAPPY GUESSING!
btw, I realize a number is missing, and I cbf to fix it ;(
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28 December 2009 @ 05:13 pm

favoritexrecord did an awesome top 5 picspam for 2009 and I loved the idea! so I decided to try it out :) includes: movies, tv shows, albums, and books~ it was actually kinda hard to pick some of these hahaha.


2009 favorites!Collapse )


The images are small enough, so hopefully no ones computer will die trying to view these. wonder how all this will change next year ;) and thank you all for the video comments! I'm glad it was well recieved <3

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I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVED STEVIE WONDER. I for serious need to get this guy on my ipod. but I don't think he has CD's? I'll have to get my googling skills on laterr.

my classes are still going great, I'm really enjoying marketing and world lit II. my classmates are really fun in those classes. lunch however, even though I go to new places, the two people I go with aren't as fun. well, my friend is, but the other junior girl not so much. she's always rushing and meh. maybe I'm being to judgmental cuz I don't know her as well yet.

and I'm not sure how I feel about my new junior gym friend haha. she talked to me the first day because she loved my boots. then she keeps telling me to be her partner because I'm 'just so coooooooool'. haha, the confidence boost helps, and it's nice to have new friends, but I kinda want to hang out with my other friends in that class too :/

OH BY THE WAY, GUESS WHO ACED ALL HER FINALS?! (EXCEPT FOR PRECALC?!) that's amazing. go me. I actually failed my precalc final, but get this, THE F ACTUALLY RAISED MY GRADE. I had all A's and high B's for my grades and then a D+. my GPA would be beautiful if math wasn't with me.

ehh, I'm bored :[ so I'm probably gonna watch Juno and Memoirs of a Geisha. then read and practice my Arabia. WHOO.

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14 January 2009 @ 05:27 pm
my hardest finals are done FOREVARRRR. THEY ARE HISTORY. YAAAAY. one more final tomorrow, which will be supa easy.

Interest Meme answers:

1920's: I love this era in time, it's always my favorite topic in history. I also adore the fashion too, how people had the flapper look going on with those adorable huge hats and pearls, etc. It just seemed like a jolly good time to be living then, especially as a young adult. ooh! and I love learning about like the mob and al capone and all his underground business that went on during the 20's. it's just all so interesting!♥ If I had to live in any time period, I'd choose the 20's fo sho. I COULD DO THE CHARLESTON AND SHOW OFF SOME OF MY LEGS OH JOY.

skylines: this goes hand in hand with my love for the city life, and architecture of big buildings. I adore the city atmosphere, so of course I also love to see skylines and how pretty they can be! I've only ever seen the chicago skyline, I'm hoping to change that soon.

'how you doin?': JOEYYYYYY TRIBIANNIIIIIII♥ Friends will always be my favorite show ever. Chandler bing will also always be my favorite as well, and Joey was always my least favorite, I still loved him though don't get me wrong. but this year I LOVE HIM AND HIS FLIRTY WAYS. hence why I had to quote him :)

fashion is my passion and no I'm not a bratz doll: fashion is my hugest passion. I love clothes and style, etc. but 'girls with the passion for fashion' is the slogan for bratz dolls. AND I AM NOT A BRATZ DOLL.

ethnic foods: I loooooooove foreign cultures and countries, and with that, I always love trying out new foods as well :) my fave ethnic food is miso soup and sushi♥

kingdom hearts: THE ORGANIZATION XIII IS SEXY. I DON'T CARE IF OVER HALF OF THEM ARE OLD. I have yet to finish the game. it's a great storyline but I just can't bring myself to finish the damn game :(

chuck bass: um hello? why wouldn't he be in my interests? he's chuck bass bitches. I've always loved his character, in the book and television show. I feel there's more to him in the show though, ed westwick is amazing.

guys: lol I'm such a girl. I always have at least 5 crushes at a time♥ hot guys can be majorly fun too, I promise I'm not shallow though haha. sense of humors are necessary for me. 

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08 January 2009 @ 06:39 pm
yaaaaaaaaaaaa hi flisty. I said I was on hiatus, but that doesn't start officially until tomorrow when I actually have to study. I STILL AM THOUGH SO DON'T JUDGE ME TOO MUCH.

the real reason I'm posting is because one, I saw this lovely meme and must do it now. well, you guys must do it now ;)

Please fill out the following anonymously. I'll then guess who you are

1. one secret.
2. one compliment.
3. one non-compliment.
4. one love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. lyrics to a song.
6. how old you are.
7. how long we've been friends.
8. and a hint to who you are.

have fuuun. and I will try mah best to guess you all right. scuze my manners if I don't :(